Solar Lantern Does Good


When you want to make an intentional decision to support vendors that are doing the world good, we have one product that will make everyone happy. The Solarpuff is a four-inch-square solar lantern that arrives to your doorstep in a flat box. You pull it open, and it becomes a light cube. Great for camping or for the apartment or home, this provides needed light for small or large spaces. Why is it so special? Inventor Alice Min Soo Chun of Solight Design created an origami-shaped square lantern powered by the sun. In 2010 when the Haiti earthquake occurred, Alice completed her first prototypes and turned the product into a huge opportunity to provide these practical lights to the Haiti people in their distress. Today, there is a popular line of solar lanterns that come in different flavors, even the multi-color version. The newest called Megapuff, now priced at $38, provides users a USB port so it doubles as a light as well as a charger. The line of products are eco-friendly, provides four to eight hours of light, is lightweight, and floats on water. See for details.