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New Food Products We Love NOW
MarieBelle Chocolates: Direct from New York City comes an amazing array of gourmet chocolates, and we wanted to get you ready for holiday gift giving. Now we have a female CEO, Maribel...
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Long Awaited Zoo Opens in Palo Alto
After eight years of development and planning and fundraising, the new Palo Alto Junior Museum & Zoo has opened to the public, almost twice as big as its predecessor, and more importantly,...
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Yosemite’s ADA services:  Pluses and Minuses
You’ve planned a trip to Yosemite National Park, and a few weeks before you travel, you tear your Achilles tendon and wind up in a wheelchair. Do you cancel?  Heck no!  Yosemite...
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Glendeven Inn and Lodge: A Glamorous Farmstay without the Chores in Mendocino's Little River
Hope is pregnant with triplets. Hope, the llama, that is. This morning, spring is in the air. And the signs of nature are everywhere.  In the middle of the grove, wildflowers...
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Hotel Review: Tetra Hotel, Sunnyvale Doubles as Family Staycation or Romantic Parent Getaway
Swanky. Swanky. Swanky. The moody and brooding Tetra Hotel struts into Silicon Valley with  muscle and bravado, given its eight-story steel and glass modern build, big scale original...
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Carmel Mission Inn: New and improved, and it's all about the kids
It is one of the coolest innovations in the industry where aging motels become swanky lodges, stripping away the icky motel memories of my childhood. Gone are the little paper strips...
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Ever since I got my first set of wheels (tricycle wheels that is), I’ve always wanted to be on the move. If you are like me, you yearn to escape to destinations both near and far. You aren’t afraid to ask a proprietor for a behind-the-scenes tour nor afraid to sample pickled watermelon rind if that’s the town’s local specialty.  Bay Area Family Travel is born out of my love for …