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REVIEW Skunk Train Railbikes: Let's Get Ready to Roll!
Fort Bragg, a former lumber town  based in Mendocino County,  is famous for Sea Glass Beach and its Skunk Train, a short-route train that has entertained families for years...
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Vichy Springs Resort: History and comfort converge
Hot springs in Northern California must be the best kept wellness secret ever. Here at Vichy Springs Resort and Inn, hot springs tubs and pools are core to the decadent soaking ritual...
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Products We Love To Travel With
YETI M20 Soft Cooler:  I first cast my eyes on something like this during a trip to Lake Tahoe on a hike where this man was walking past me with the cooler on his back in...
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Review: The Barnes Hotel – Great Service & Great Location
Three women are rocking out as they watch me sleep. I’m at The Barnes Hotel where a vibrant graphic mural above my bed reveals a trio of tattooed ladies who could care less if I snored....
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Play Review: Chinglish Opening Night is a Hit
An American businessman who knows nothing about Chinese ways comes to China to ink a deal with his small, family-run signage company.  What ensues is cultural mayhem as he fumbles...
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Hyatt Regency Monterey Hotel and Spa: Renewed and Ready for 21st Century Families
Anyone who has kids and trots with them into a fancy hotel knows the feeling of having to reign in Little Junior when he gets a wee rambunctious.  However, the newly remodeled...
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Ever since I got my first set of wheels (tricycle wheels that is), I’ve always wanted to be on the move. If you are like me, you yearn to escape to destinations both near and far. You aren’t afraid to ask a proprietor for a behind-the-scenes tour nor afraid to sample pickled watermelon rind if that’s the town’s local specialty.  Bay Area Family Travel is born out of my love for …