Holiday Gift Guide

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Gee! Whaddya going to do when it comes to buying that perfect gift? Check out our finds below!

Card games for little guys
YOU WISH! Magical Creatures can be the hottest new game for families this holiday season. This fast-paced card game is quick to learn and gets everyone involved.  Created by a father and son team from Eugene, Oregon, YOU WISH! is best described as “Go Fish Meets Uno” with magical creatures designed by the founder. Gameplay takes about 10 minutes and can be played with up to 6 players.  This game can be found on and on Walmart Marketplace. Learn more at Priced at $9.99.


Sweet Snacktime
Wiley Wallaby Licorice is a soft and chewy licorice that satisfies cravings for something sweet! Wiley Wallaby Licorice is fat free, vegan, and does not contain artificial colors and flavors. Plus, each piece is thick, chunky and super-soft, making this gourmet licorice a favorite! Fun holiday gift options include Hot Cinnamon, Classic Red (always a favorite!), Green Apple, Watermelon and more. See Just $6 bucks at 5.5 ounces a package.

Cute and practical
Mabel’s Labels Holiday Collection from Mabel’s Labels offers a festive collection for gift giving and staying organized. From label packs to peel & stick labels these will help make the holidays special. The new collection includes Slate & Wooden Holiday Ornaments, Personalized Stocking Stuffers, Holiday Return Envelope Labels, Return Address Stamp, and Holiday Gift Tags. Beyond the holiday season, Mabel’s Labels collection of durable, waterproof labels and more are ideal for getting your kids organized. Stick ‘em on your water bottles, laptops, and more. Learn more at Priced at $9.99 – $30.

Matching Outfits
Get ready for those annual family photos for your Christmas card and consider festive matching outfits with parents and kiddos. Options for mixing and matching include dresses, tops, ties in red, greens, and oranges.  See Prices $13 and up.


No Ordinary Popcorn
From spicy to sweet, Sweet Chaos Popcorn offers a delicious variety of gluten-free choices to snack on, tuck in desk drawers or place in lunchboxes. Sweet Chaos offer Non-GMO kernels in coconut oil for a creamy richness while skipping the nasty, artificial stuff. Exciting flavors include Movie Theater Butter (perfect for movie nights!), Sea Salt, Jalapeno Blue Cheese, Kettle Corn and White Cheddar. Visit   About $10 per 5.5 ounce bag.