Glendeven Inn and Lodge: A Glamorous Farmstay without the Chores in Mendocino’s Little River


Hope is pregnant with triplets. Hope, the llama, that is. 
This morning, spring is in the air. And the signs of nature are everywhere.  In the middle of the grove, wildflowers are springing up and baby birds chirp. The ocean roars with one huge yawn.  And, in fact, Hope, the llama, is stutting along happily carrying her babies in her womb.

Welcome to Mendocino County’s Glendeven Inn and Lodge, a not-so-traditional hotel where it is more like a farm for guests minus the chores. What is there to do on site? In the mornings you wake up to a variety of birdsongs, and you can view the display of flapping wings at the birdfeeders stationed around the property. You can walk the premises to talk to the llamas in their llama garden, and delight in their stubby legs, long necks, fur covered eyelids, and long fur coats. 

Just don’t touch them. A word about llamas:  these gentle creatures only spit when they feel endangered, and they like to graze and sit.  Do not try to touch them!

The more than 60 chickens of all colors, shapes, and sizes are available to feed inside the large chicken coop and outdoor pen.  The array of seating options beckon you to slow down. Let’s say you love vegetables and so most suitable for you would be to perch yourself on the white bench by the organic, edible  vegetable garden. You can also bring out your snacks and mosey along the picnic tables and benches by the wine barn.  Of course, you will have to take the time to hang out on your balcony to take in the view of the blue waters 

Glendeven Inn is split into two different properties;  first, there’s the 10-room modern lodge with flat screen TVs , and next, the traditional inn with 9 rooms and no televisions. 

We stayed in the traditional inn with more colonial style and older furnishings.  The bed was comfortable, and we had the Eastlin Room that came with a sitting room adjacent to the bedroom.  Views of the ocean? Check!  An amazing homemade breakfast brought to our room? Check!  And further, you get a complimentary bottle of wine up on check-in, and also chocolate chip cookies which are baked on the premises.  An added room amenity: a sachet of chicken feed to toss to  the little chickens in their pen.

In the traditional inn, it was convenient to have access to an exterior closet-sized kitchenette packed  with a refrigerator to store leftovers, a microwave, electric hot water kettle, coffee grounds, tea bags, and paper cups with lids.    While here, the serenity of the Victorian building  and the tranquil setting caused me to slow down my racing mind. The flowers and paths to the beach seemed like gifts from God. 

Our suite, the Eastlin, was located up on a short flight of stairs, and upon opening the door, we stepped into the bedroom, simply furnished with a few framed paintings of the ocean and trees with a set of windows covered by white sheer curtains.  Curtained off to the back was another sitting room of generous size featuring a fireplace, a tall bookshelf with a few tomes, and double French doors that led to the balcony views of the llama pasture and the Pacific Ocean in the distance. 

The Lodge is where the reception desk is.  (Note: you cannot check in early, so plan on 3 p.m. and check out is promptly by 11 a.m.) Also, it opens at 9 a.m., and no earlier. 

At the time we came, the hot tubs were not in operation, but I suspect they will be in time for the summer season.  Do call about this. This is an adults-only venue, but anyone over 18 is welcome. Parents with older children are more than welcome.  Older teens and college students will appreciate the location’s delicate appreciation for nature. 

A wine barn is also on the premises for people to come and imbibe, and the hotel will slowly open it up when it finds the time is right and the world is less Covid-scary.  

The bottom line?  The Glendeven Inn and Lodge is perfect for hikers, animal lovers, and take-it-slow sojourners who need a break from the breakneck speed of life.  The staff is friendly and supportive of your every need. The premises are well manicured. The fare is savory and mostly organic.  And when you want to go into town of Mendocino for meals, you are less than 15 minutes away.  And Hope, now with her three triplets,is ready to greet you.  

Glendeven Inn & Lodge
8205 N. Hwy One
Little River7
Rates start at $275.